Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Beginning of Lampworking studio at home

After I took 2 classes using torch at my favorite glass place: Live Laugh Love Glass, I fell in love with lampworking. I started gathering information, researching, and finding great websites and books to learn more and more. I decided to do it at home but my house is not cut out for torch that uses Oxygen and Propane. So, I decided to do the lampworking using the most economical way of Hot Head torch, which only uses propane; in this case I'll only use 1 lb propane, which is the safest way.

I started gathering beginner's kits and kiln and this weekend we'll start fireproofing the area where I'll be working at. For now, the only ventilation I'll have is 3 open windows: 2 in front of me and 1 from across the room, so it'll do for now until we'll get the better ventilation system.

I'm so excited, though a little bit nervous of starting another new hobby. I love glass, I love torches, I love beads and I love detailed work, so this hobby is such a perfect combination for me.

So, here are the things that I gathered so far:

Paragon Bluebird Jr. Kiln

Glass Rods warmer, Hot Head torch, Tools (from Devardi glass)

Glass rods (from Devardi glass)

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