Friday, December 20, 2013

Stained Glass for gifts to relatives in Indonesia

This stained glass is for Christmas gift for one of my relatives. We're going to Indonesia for Christmas vacation and instead of buying gifts, I'll make 9 stained glass for each of my relatives.
Everything will be "flowers" theme.

I made them back in January 2013 (pink tulip no.1) and the rest I did them in August and September 2013.

Gift 1: Pink tulip stained glass

Gift 2: Pink rosebud stained glass (Aug23,13)
Gift 3: orange tulip stained glass (Aug 24, 2013)

Gift 4: yellow daffodil stained glass (Aug25,3013)

Gift 5: purple flower stained glass (Aug29,13)

Gift 6: blue flower stained glass (Aug30,13)

Gift 7: Lavender flower stained glass (Sep2,13)

Gift 8: red rose stained glass (Sep2,13)
Gift 9: White tulip flower stained glass (Sept7,13)

All 9 Stained Glass for Indo, Sept7,13

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Mouse Stained Glass, Dec 5, 2013

I made this stained glass over the Thanksgiving weekend. I wanted to make something that's unusual but cute. Turned out this one has 39 pieces, the most pieces I've ever made so far and a lot of very small pieces.
He's a cutie and I think I'll keep him :)

Christmas Mouse stained glass, Dec5,13