Friday, April 8, 2011

Organizing my beads

Since I've been making tapestries lately, which requires a lot of Delica Seed Beads, I've been collecting Delicas. I used my Christmas gift to buy a lot of Delicas needed for few projects, but I didn't have the containers to put them in.
So, around Chinese New Year in early February, I bought 200 bead containers from, which is based in China. After 2 long months waiting for the containers to be shipped via boat, the containers arrived yesterday. I spent 3.5 hours last night organizing my Delicas; put them into containers, labeled Delica numbers on each containers, rearranged my 8-drawers I designated just for Delicas.
So, that was my "Spring Organizing Beads" night.

I'm still making my big project tapestry (I removed it from the photos because I don't want to ruin the surprise). It'll be at least another month or so until I can finish it.