Monday, April 22, 2013

Lampwork preparation place almost completed

This weekend, we've set up the lampwork area where I'll be working at (my basement/family room), right beside the table where I'm doing my stained glass. I've got all the basic kit, mostly from Devardi glass and Bead Annealing kiln Paragon Bluebird Jr. So, we fireproofed the desk by getting few metal sheets and tile to put under the bead warmer, screws, and 2 bottles of propane to start.

The only problem was, I bought the wrong torch bracket. The one that came was to use with hose propane, while I decided not to use any hose or bulk propane. I'll just be using 1 lb propane each time.

So, little more delay because I need to exchange the brackets. But, I'll be patience.

The lampwork table right beside the stained glass table

My lampwork table all fireproofed

The bead kiln has been moved to inside the fireplace

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