Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tulip Stained Glass

This is my first solo project after I finished my stained glass class. No more teachers guide me through and fixed my mistakes. But I made it. I wanted something simple and has less than 15 pieces, so here it is.. my pink tulip.

Pink tulip foiling, Jan30,2013
Final pink tulip, with silver, Jan31,13
Final pink tulip with light behind it, Jan31,13

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Final result of Landscape Stained Glass

Today was my last class (4th class) of beginning stained glass. It was an intense class: soldering, putting frame, patina, putting ring on and finally waxing it. WOW!!
But, it was all worth it because the end result was so beautiful.
Now, I'm hoping that I can pursue this on my own at home, after buying a bunch of tools and machines for stained glass making last week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stained Glass week 3, Copper Foiling

Today was my third week (third class) of stained glass class.
We did a lot of fine grinding to make sure all the pieces fit perfectly.
After that, we put copper foils on each piece for the solder to be able to joint them together next week.

It was fun. I really enjoyed copper foiling each piece.

Before copper foiling, last week, Jan15,13

Landscape after copper foiling, Jan22,13

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

White Tiger

I love CATS, big or small. That includes white tigers.

Some facts about white tiger: they're somewhat bigger than original tigers. There are only several hundred white tigers worldwide, mostly found in India.

So, here is my newest members of the animal tapestry family. It measures  5.75 x  6.63   inches
( 14.61  x 16.84   cm), using  39 colors of 11/0 delica beads. The pattern was made by Sandot Designs.

White Tiger, Jan 16,13

Stained Glass - Landscape (2nd class)

I've decided to learn new craft this year. I've taking my son to archery lessons for the last 2 years and every time I passed by a stained glass little place. I love stained glass and how the light goes through it and wanted to stop by, but didn't have the courage to do it.

During my Christmas break, I decided to visit 2 glass places.
The first place was Glass blowing store and I took 2 classes (see my previous posts).
The second place I visited was the Stained glass store and I decided to join beginner's 4-week course.

The first week, I picked the easy pattern, picked the glass colors and finally cut up the patterns and glued them to the glass that I picked.

Last night, my second class, we learned how to score (or scratched), cut and grind all the pieces.
After it's done, we put them onto our patterns.
Can't wait what I'll learn next week from this class.

Landscape, Jan15,13

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Glass Blowing - Float

Since I loved making the small bowl and I found more coupons, I decided to take another class making glass float. Got my fingers little bit burned from hot pipe, but it was all worthwhile because the float turned out to be beautiful.
This time, instead of swirl, I learned how to make it looks like marble.

Float and small bowl together

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Glass Blowing - Small Bowl

I had few days of vacation after Christmas. I had nothing to do or planned.
Then I thought of stopping by the glass store that I've looked online and interested to see once before.
So, I drove there and decided to jump into an opportunity to learn how to do glass blowing.
I registered for small bowl class. It was so much fun. I even loved the heat.

Here is the result. It's a lot more beautiful than what I thought it would turn out.