Monday, December 24, 2012

The Good Earth


I found this pattern "The Good Earth" from JaValle beads few months ago and bought it because I want to make it  for my best friend, who loves earth, moon and all the planets. I thought I would not even make it until sometime next year.

But in late October, after I finished beading my son's Three Winter bird tapestry and elephant,
we decided to not buying Christmas gifts this year, instead we'll give each other one small inexpensive gift.
Then I want to make something that's meaningful instead and decided to bead this.
With my busy schedule, usually it takes 3 months or so to bead something this big, but I use my spare time to bead every chance I got and I was able to finish this in 48 days (started on October 26, finished December 13, 2012).

This patterns measured 12x12 inches, using 40 colors of 11/0 delica beads. It's using peyote stitch.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year ahead.

The Good Earth

Saturday, December 15, 2012

White Horse

While I was beading the elephant tapestry, I was listening to audiobook during my commute to work called "Chosen by a horse" and at the same time, I was reading a book about a white horse called "The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman".
I love horses although few years ago my youngest son had an accident while riding on a horse for the first time. He was thrown off the horse,  fell on the rock hitting his head. Fortunately, he was fine, only had concussion. With the books I'm reading/listening and with the bitter-sweet memory of the horse riding, I decided to bead this white horse small tapestry.

This tapestry I got from

White Horse, Dec 15, 12

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fused Glass Ornaments

I took Fused glass Ornaments class on November 28, 2012.
It was supposed to be only a snowflake ornament class, but we were given a free project making wreath ornament.

Here they are.. so pretty to add ornaments on my Christmas tree

Fused Glass Snowflake Ornament

Fused Glass Wreath Ornament

Fused Glass Pendants, 2nd Class

I took another class for making fused glass pendants again on November 26, 2012.
It was fun and I learned more and using different things, for example copper wire.
I make simple pendants because I love simplicity.

Fused Glass pendants before going into kiln

Fused Glass pendants results (copper wire on the right)