Friday, November 29, 2013

Dolphin Fan Lamp stained glass, Nov 29, 13

I made this dolphin fan lamp stained glass for my brother. Actually he asked me to make same dolphin stained glass as my friend, Alexa's few months ago. Since I like to do different things even if it's the same dolphin theme, I decided to make him dolphin in the shaped of fan lamp. Took me 2 months to finish because I didn't have the dark grey colored glass until I had a chance to go to glass store last week.

Dolphin fan lamp with night light, Nov29,13

Dolphin fan lamp facing right, Nov29,13

Dolphin fan lamp facing left, Nov29,13

Beads made during Thanksgiving holidays, Nov28,13

I finally took first time vacation this year for 3 days, in between Thanksgiving holiday and together with boys' days off also. I'll take another 9 days off during Christmas vacation to visit my family in Indonesia.

The last 2 mornings, I torched few beads a day in the early morning. Such a fun and relaxing time to do it.

I learned how to make white bear beads after following tutorial from Mary Bush. Then I played with frits and made tube beads, I made 2 beads with clear-encasing. One of them is like moonlight bead. And finally, I made Christmas tree beads.

White bears, Tube beads, Clear encasing beads and Christmas tree, Nov28,13

Saturday, November 16, 2013

White Winter Bear Stained Glass, November 16, 2013

It's getting cold out there!! I made this white winter bear stained glass to keep me warm.
Originally I planned to make regular brown bear, but my friend suggested white bear instead so here he is.
Since I want to keep the bear all winter long, I decided not to put Christmas colors on the scarf and hat.

Winter White bear, Nov16,13

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fused Glass sushi plate, October 26, 2013

Atsuko and I went to take fused glass class together to make 6x6 inches plate.
It was so much fun. We went to LLLG glass. I picked white plate with pink flower design.
After 10 days, today I picked up the plate and so happy with the result.

The glass before it went to kiln, Oct 26,13
Final product, after kiln, Nov5,13