Monday, August 2, 2010

Victorian Style Rose Necklace

When I visited Japan in Summer 2009, I went to Tokyu Hands store that focuses on hobby, home improvement and lifestyle products. I found very unique rose-shaped beads, which I can't find here in the United States. I bought 15 rose beads in both red and blue colors and made a simple victorian style necklace and matching earrings using the red colored rose beads. I made this necklace in about 2 hours; very simple but elegant necklace to make.

Sparkly Golden Necklace

After almost a month finishing my pink lei flower necklace, I wanted to do easier beading project. So, back to the basic Daisy Chain, I made this gold-color necklace using bicone 4mm crystals, size 6 and size 11 seed beads. Felt so good to be able to finish this necklace just in few hours. Such a great weekend project.

Tropical Flowers Necklace

I decided to challenge myself by making this Lei flower necklace, patterned by Sandra D. Halpenny.
I started on July 2, 2010 and as busy as I was, I tried to bead at least a flower a day. I finally decided to finish my necklace before my boys came back from their 6-day church camp and I did it!! I finished this necklace on July 28, 2010.
This necklace is made by using Delica seed beads.