Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paint By Number: Japanese Garden, Aug 16,14

I accidentally found out about "Paint by Numbers" when I was searching for acrylic paints online.
I have never heard of PBN before and was very curious of it. It sounded like what I love to do, tedious projects so I decided to buy and give it a try. The one I got is called "Japanese Garden".
This PBN measures 16x20" and the kit includes the art board with printed numbers and alphabets, an instruction pamphlet, a brush and small jars of paints. We also have to do a lot of mixing with these paints. A lot of people don't like mixing them but I don't mind it.

I started this on August 10, 2014 and immediately hooked on it. I diligently painted every night for a couple of hours and even when I had even half an hour in the mornings.
I finished this project on August  16 ,2014 ( 6  days).

Here are the photos of my first PBN journey:

Day 1, Aug10,14

Day 5, Aug 15,14
Final, Day 6, Aug 16,14

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