Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three Winter Birds

Happy 16th Birthday, Dear Son!

I made this 3 Winter birds tapestry for my oldest's son's birthday gift.
I want him to have something just for himself that'll last longer than I am in this world :)
My youngest son got different winter birds tapestry in April 2012 for his 13th birthday and this is for my oldest son, so each of them has one special tapestry just for them.

I bought the pattern and kit from Ja Valle Beads. It took me 83 days to make this (started in July 15, 2012 and finished on October 6, 2012). I wanted to start early because I know it usually takes 3 months to make bigger tapestry.
This pattern uses 40 delica colors, measured 10x14.5 inches (28x37cm).

Three Winter Birds for my oldest son, November  2012

Winter Birds for my youngest son, April 2012

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