Thursday, August 9, 2012

I received Caribbean Traveling Bracelet, Day 1

I was so happy when I received email from Pat Rivera, a beader from Oregon City, this morning.
She only had my email address so she asked my address where she could send the traveling bracelet to, without knowing it would go to the same state. She contacted me and she was willing to drive 45 minutes from Oregon City to Beaverton, to hand-over the bracelet in person. Thank you, Pat!!

This traveling bracelet is made by one of my favorite beader/bead-pattern maker, Sig Wynne-Evans.
The detail of this fun project can be found at her blog :

I received the Caribbean design and will spend a week with this bracelet before it'll go to different part of the country. It was so neat that Pat wanted to drive all the way from Oregon City to meet me in person instead of just mailing the bracelet.

I had great time with Pat and was so amazed at her beadwork that she brought with her. WOW!!
You can find her patterns at

Beadwork by Pat Rivera

It was an honor to meet such a great beader from Oregon, Pat and her husband, Ed.

Here is the Caribbean bracelet "handing off" time.

Pat handing off "Cari" to me

It's time for the Caribbean bracelet journey to start with me. 


  1. You have absolutely no idea of how happy this post made me. I will have a post about this on my blog that will be posted fri morning. I think this is soooo amazing. The two of you really get what this is about

    You give me tears of joy.


  2. Finally some gals that know what it is all about. Way to go you two. Keep the Karma going.]

  3. How great that you "get it!" I was the first to wear the Paisley and loved it. Maybe I can get another one and another one and eventually have a week with each of them?

  4. Thank you Sig, Marty and Cathy for your comments. The happiness is mine also.