Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Work in Progress : Chinese Dragon Robe

Since I had 3-day weekend, I got so excited to work on Sigrid Wynne-Evans' Chinese Dragon Robe's design.
My hand is doing so much better after acupuncture treatments. I finished the back side of the robe, from the chest down last night. I'll start working on the sleeves from the chest up to complete the back side of the robe. So much fun working on this project.


  1. I love seeing the progress you're making.

    I am gathering supplies (slow process *sigh*) so I'm really enjoying seeing the 'growth'.

    Candys in Oklahoma

  2. Thank you, Candys, for your comment. Sometimes I wish I can bead for hours. But with full time job and taking care of my boys, time is very limited. It's a slow growth making this robe, but I'm just glad it's growing at all :)
    I am enjoying your beadwork also and put the link on my blog for others to enjoy them. Have a great weekend!!