Friday, August 12, 2011

Work in Progress : Chinese Dragon Robe

I'm working on big project from Sigrid Wynne-Evans, a Chinese Dragon Robe, a 3-D robe. I'm having little problem and pain with my right hand and will go through therapy next Tuesday. I'll get it all better because I don't want to give up the thing that makes me happy : Beading.
Stop by and take a look at my project in few weeks. Thank you for your patience!!

PS: Thank you Candys for your suggestion. I'm uploading my work progress as of August 20, 2011 and what it'll look like (the back side of the robe).


  1. How about progress pics? Would love to see it 'in work'.

    Hope your therapy is going well!

    Candys in Oklahoma

  2. Hey!!! It looks just like mine!!! :)
    Looking great!! Despite the agony you must be going through, I hope you are having fun with the project.

    I just started designing another chinese robe!! I don't know if I will have the time to bead it, since I am working on the Hungarian costume, but it should be nice, based on red with phoenix and butterflies


  3. Hi Sig,

    Yes, it's your beautiful design. I'm doing better on my hand and enjoy beading the robe.
    Another chinese robe? I'm so looking forward to beading it once you are done with the design.