Monday, September 6, 2010

Turquoise necklaces

Although I like turquoise colors, I don't have an outfit that matches that color. But, it's time for me to use my turquoise beads. Instead of making just one, I ended up making 2 necklaces.
The left one with ladybugs is the one I made for my friend. A couple of weeks ago, I made only the ladybug earrings for her. I thought the matching necklace will look good with the earrings, so using the simple daisy stitch and the ladybug that dangles from it, the necklace is ready. The right side of the necklace is what I made for myself to use up my turquoise seed beads and crystals. The project comes from Sandra Halpenny's website. Again, I need to have matching color earrings, so I used the leftover ladybug beads to make earrings.

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